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MACRON LAW: all of EuroVAT’s expertise to represent you officially in France

Is your transport company based outside France? Does it carry out cabotage or international transport operations to or from France?

If it is the case, you have to comply with the “Loi Macron ” which was put into effect on the 1st July 2016.


How to comply with Macron Law as an international transport company?

Foreign-based drivers must receive the French minimum wage and French social regulations must be applied to them (working time…) during their journey on French territory.

You have to provide your drivers with several documents they need to keep on board during their transport operations in France.

You also have to appoint a French representative who will liaise with the French control authorities (police, Tax Authorities, Customs…).

You must provide your driver with:

You must provide your representative with:

  • 1 Certificate of Posting : valid for 6 month maximum


  • Employment Contract (copy),
  • Contract and Representative Designation


  • 1 Certificate of Posting for every single driver, valid for 6 month maximum


  • Every month Pay-Slip and Proof of Payment for every single driver


These documents must be kept by the representative 18 months after the end of the posting.

You can find more information about the "Loi Macron" in the FAQ provided be French Government.


Why choose EuroVAT as your French representative for Macron Law?

For over 20 years, EuroVAT has been a leading agent specialised in VAT and diesel tax recovery in Europe. We have developed a strong expertise in cooperating with Administrative Authorities all over Europe.

Every year, we process hundreds of thousands of administrative documents provided by our Customers! Part of a famous group, we are used to guaranty high standards of quality and ensure the confidentiality of your documents.    

Make sure to comply with Macron law: choose EuroVAT as your French representative!

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