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TICPE in France: refund rate for the 2nd semester 2015

TICPE is a specific French tax on diesel. As a transport company, you are allowed to recover part of this tax.

The refund rate is set by the government and changes twice a year. Here is a resume of the amounts you can reclaim currently:


1st semester
2nd semester
1st semester
2nd semester

Period of consumption covered by the refund

1st January 2014
30th June 2014
1st July 2014
31st December 2014
1st January 2015
30th June 2015
1st July 2015
31st December 2015

Refund rate

€ 48,90 /m³

€ 48,90 /m³

€ 48,70 /m³

€ 48,70 /m³


The procedure and the documents required by the French Customs have continued to evolve up until January 2016.

We are available to assist you in reclaiming this tax. Please feel free to contact-us.


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